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Updating our backyard spaces

I'm not sure who else out there has a plan for their backyard, but I know we certainly do. Recently, my backyard had some rough areas. Look at all that mud!! We had this empty flower bed, where we briefly considered installing a patio. Due to its proximity to our electrical lines, we decided to… Continue reading Updating our backyard spaces

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Beautiful Backyard Spaces: A Pinterest Roundup

As you know, our backyard and back porch are currently undergoing a bit of an upgrade. I am planning to write some individual posts on our back porch project and our yard projects shortly, but for now I want to share some "Pin-spiration." If you're new here, "Pin-spiration" is just my made-up terminology for things… Continue reading Beautiful Backyard Spaces: A Pinterest Roundup

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Back porch refresh: a mood board and a plan

Our back porch currently looks like this: We had it pressure washed and water sealed recently and we haven’t put our porch furniture back on it yet. Currently, it’s a big blank slate. Prior to pressure washing, our porch looked like this: not bad, but kind of boring. I’d like to change up the porch… Continue reading Back porch refresh: a mood board and a plan

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New Uses for Old Things: DIY plant pots

Lately, I find myself trying to save money on my gardening supplies. If you aren’t careful, you can spend a lot on seed cells and plant pots. Why not try to use some of what you already have on hand? I must have about a hundred of these. And yogurt cups! I decided to peel… Continue reading New Uses for Old Things: DIY plant pots

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DIY Raised Beds

About four years ago, my grandpa and I built some farmhouse shutters. You may remember them from this post. I no longer have the window in my kitchen where these were used, and I don’t have anywhere else I’d like to use them. You know lumber is crazy expensive now and I’ve been itching for… Continue reading DIY Raised Beds