Life updates…and where do we go from here?

Last month, when school let out, I found myself coming off of a highly stressful school year, wrestling with whether I should change jobs, and also undergoing medical testing for breast cancer. I took a month off from blogging to rest, regroup and try to process it all.

During that time, I decided not to change jobs, I learned that I don’t require surgery or further treatment, and I spent a lot of time quietly thanking God and looking ahead. Lots of other neat things happened, as well. Things that I will be sharing in the very near future.

We took down our old fence, had a new fence put up, and we relocated the greenhouse to a new area of the yard.

We spent tons of time hanging out and enjoying our summer as a family.

We have also been spending tons of time with our animals.

We celebrated July 4 and went to see some fireworks.

On the farm, our chickens are producing lots of eggs, but the deer are devastating our garden…despite the new garden fence.

I will be starting back up with a regular posting schedule on Monday. I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!

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