Happy birthday, Emorie!

Twelve years ago, Michael and I were getting ready for bed. He said, “Wouldn’t it be neat if Emorie were born this weekend, since it’s Father’s Day weekend?” I agreed, but then he replied, “But it probably won’t happen, since she’d be three weeks early.”

Twenty-four hours later, we were holding her.

Since she was a small child, she was full of sweetness.

With a side of sass.

She’s hard-working, a perfectionist, and she has a big heart. Her level of care and concern for others is rare among people her age. She plans to be an oncology nurse someday and she will be great at it.

She loves running, dancing, fishing, Dolly Parton and traveling to the mountains. She’s also a great big sister.

She also loves Jesus, and has really grown in her walk with Him this year.

When school starts back, she will be in seventh grade. She is almost as tall as I am now, and I believe she gets more beautiful every day. We are so proud of her and we cannot wait to see how God uses her in the future.

Happy twelfth birthday, sweet Emorie. I am so glad God chose you to be our daughter.

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