How a DIY closet organizer made a huge difference

How a DIY closet organizer made a huge difference

My daughters’ closets were one hot mess. Like most other closets in this house, There was only one rod and one really high shelf. I don’t have a before picture of my oldest daughter’s closet, but here’s my youngest’s closet. They both pretty much looked like this:

Ugh. I couldn’t find a thing and every time you opened the door, things would fall out. It was a big mess.

My dad, before he passed away, was a good carpenter. He never worked as a carpenter; he just happened to be really good at building things. I downloaded this Ana White plan, and he felt confident we could build it.


I don’t know if you have ever used an Ana White plan before, but they are amazing. She includes a shopping list with everything you’ll need and even a cut list to tell you how to cut your boards. They’re really easy to follow. My dad built that closet organizer shelf in about two hours.

We added a double rod on only one side so that when the girls are older, they have one side to hang dresses.

I then took some old diaper boxes and covered them with fabric. I already had the baskets on the top shelf.

I then added labels to the boxes as well. I made them on our computer and then laminated them.

I also created labels for the bins in our youngest daughter’s closet.

Remember the closet that looked like this?

Well, now it looks like this:

Isn’t that so much better?

And best of all, we created both of these closets for less than $100.

Before you buy an expensive closet organizer, head on over to and create your own…for a lot less.

Have a great day!

What’s your vision?

Have you ever created a vision board?

If you’re unsure what a vision board is, it’s just a visual format of your goals for the year. Make a board with pictures related to what you want to accomplish and put it someplace where you will see it daily. Studies have shown that this is more likely to make you accomplish your goals.

But, what does a vision board look like? And how do you make one?

This is the vision board I started last week. I’ve since added a lot more to it. My goals for this year are to travel (depending on COVID), lose the rest of my weight, focus more on blessings instead of stressors, eat at home more and incorporate more self care.

If this vision board doesn’t float your boat, there are other options.

I found this one on Pinterest. I can’t find the original post but I love the use of words.

I love this one. It is simple but board is also very neat looking.

Maybe creating a collage isn’t your thing and you want to do a graphic organizer instead. Check this one out: it says 2014 but you get the idea.


There are also a number of free vision board printable you can find just by doing a Google search. You can also use planner stickers if you like. The possibilities are endless.

Here’s to kicking off 2022…and hoping it will be much better than 2020 and 2021.

Life as a Lumber: what we’ve been up to

This weekend, it snowed again.

On Friday evening, It began snowing quickly (and sticking to the roads) while the kids were in dance rehearsal.

Which made for some scary driving, but we made it home.

We had a blast sledding
It was 25 outside, but 68 in our greenhouse
And we made some snow cream. Yum!

We made a YouTube video about our crazy snow experience! Watch to the end to see Emorie and I collide on our sleds.

Hope you have a GREAT Sunday! We have so many exciting things heading your way this week!

Fun Fitness Friday: “I Don’t Have Time to Work Out.”

All of us are busy and balancing something- work, children, school, and faith. Some of us don’t feel we have time to work out.

woman running on pathway
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Working out doesn’t have to be time consuming. Even just thirty minutes a day can do your health and your mental state a lot of good. Today, I’d like to share some ideas for working out in smaller time frames.

1. Do what fits your schedule

Some people walk or visit the gym during their lunch break. I’m a teacher who doesn’t have duty-free lunch. I work with teachers who walk during their planning period. I myself have chosen to schedule my workouts around my daughters’ dance classes. While they are in class, I choose to workout across the street at the gym instead of sitting in the lobby. On days when they don’t have class, I run in the mornings before work. You have to decide what you want to do and make the time frame fit.

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2. Keep it simple

Your workouts don’t have to be elaborate. They don’t have to be long. Just 30-40 minutes a day is enough. If you can do more and you want to do more, great. But if you can’t, remember that it’s OK.

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3. Strength in numbers

Do you have coworkers or friends who would meet up with you? For years, my mother and a friend of hers from a neighboring doctors’ office would met up and walk together during lunch. Maybe a friend would want to meet you at the gym after work. Working out with a friend is good for a number of reasons: friends motivate us to be our best shelves, but we also know humans benefit from companionship and the company of others.

an on treadmill
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4. Make it a routine

If you choose a time that works for you and stick to it, fitting in your workout will become second nature to you. Humans like predictability and routine- committing to a regular time to workout will increase the likelihood that you stick with it.

Do what works for you and your schedule. Remember, exercise is a way of stress release and renewal. It doesn’t have to be stressful and it doesn’t have to be time consuming. What are your tried and true ways of fitting in your workout?

Organizing a cleaning closet

We have an old TV cabinet in our laundry room, which we have repurposed as a cleaning supply cabinet.

Here’s our dog modeling the cabinet. Haha

Our cleaning supply cabinet used to be neat and clean and organized…but then it looked like this.

I decided to make better use of the space, but I was also tired of having laundry baskets sitting on my dryer.

I ended up grouping my cleaning supplies together by purpose. I used some boxes I had lying around and I also made space for my laundry room.

I am not yet finished. I want to build some wood shelves but lumber is crazy expensive and I’m still figuring out exactly what I want to do.

I also want some matching bins. This is what I have in mind:


Stay tuned!