Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from all of us at Lumber in my Minivan!! We hope the year 2021 brings you a renewed spirit and many blessings.

Our office will be closed for the holiday and we will resume our regular schedule on Monday, January 4.

5 Ways to Prepare for (next) Christmas Right Now!

Christmas 2020 is only two days from now, and you probably haven’t even begun to think about next Christmas. Did you know there are a few things you can do right now to plan for next Christmas?

1. Take stock of what you used…and what you didn’t

I have a few tried and true things that I love and use year after year for Christmas decorating. I also have a box of things each year that I don’t use. This year, I’m letting go of those items so they can bless someone else. I’m also repurposing anything I can use in a different way.

2. Make a note of what you need for next year

Something will always break and a strand of lights will always go out. You also may come up with new decorating ideas for next year that you want to try. Make a list of what you need for next year right now.

3. Hit up After Christmas sales

Get decor at a discounted rate, buy gifts to hold onto for next year, or whatever you want to do. We bought a whole new Christmas tree last year for 50% off. We would have never bought it at the retail price. Go check out the after Christmas sales. You may find nothing but you may also find a great deal on something you love.

4. Plan new Christmas traditions

Is there something you have always wanted to do but you never have? Maybe you want to host a cookie decorating party with family, or go skiing for New Years Day. It’s never too early to start thinking about how you can make it happen.

5. Plan a loose Christmas list

Maybe there is something your child or spouse really loves- start planning a loose Christmas shopping list for next year, and you can help plan what you want to buy, which will also help you budget for it as well.

DIY Christmas Wreath from Leftover Materials

I had some Christmas things lying around that I wanted to use up. For some reason, I had two cheap, thin wreaths lying around. I don’t remember why I bought these but they have been here forever.

Did you know you can wire two thin, cheap wreaths together to make one fluffier wreath that looks more expensive? You can.

Start by fluffing all of the branches out horizontally on the bottom wreath. Then, set the other wreath on top and wire them together.

Then, fluff out your wreath and add whatever bow or floral pics you would like.

Cute feline crafting assistants are optional but highly encouraged. Just don’t let them eat your wreath.

I eventually plan to add some floral picks and some ornaments to this wreath, but for now, I am only using left over items.

What Christmas crafts are you making?

Christmas Decor at Walgreens

Christmas is almost a week away, and while most of us have already long finished our decorating, you can score some deals on cute decor for next year. While most of us venture into the big box stores and home decor stores for our Christmas ornaments, you can’t overlook the drugstores. You can find some unexpectedly cute holiday items that no one will ever guess you purchased from a drug store. This cute little ceramic tree came from Walgreens for less than $15.

Here are some other wonderful Christmas decorations I found on the seasonal aisle at my local Walgreens.

1. Pop-up Christmas tree card $13

This is really a pop up Christmas card, but I think it would be an awesome decoration for your desk or office. It really is adorable and it’s hard to believe it is made from paper.

2. Hallmark Christmas ornaments from classic movies, $9

Walgreens has a huge assortment of holiday movie Christmas ornaments. My local Walgreens had Jack Skellington, Rudolph, and the leg lamp from A Christmas Story. I’d love to have a holiday movie themed tree- you could totally do that for less than $100, since these ornaments are under $10.

3. 18 foot lighted pine garland, $12.99

I really want to buy this to hang on my porch banister next year. And at $13, I can buy more than one and not feel guilty.

4. Wooden Wick Vanilla Candle, $12.99

This candle smells amazing, and I love the sound of the wooden wick burning. The price is pretty nice, too,

5. Lighted present decor set , $30

These things would be so cute in anyone’s yard. I am seriously thinking of snagging a set for myself.

I hope you have enjoyed these cute Christmas items…and make sure you run, don’t walk, to your local Walgreens and score some of them for yourself 🙂

24 Days of Christmas: How to Make a Farmhouse Wooden Planter Box

A few years ago, I had a little extra scrap wood and I created this. It was a very versatile piece and it was used for almost every holiday….and then I gave the thing away.

The only logical thing to do is build another one, right?

You can make yours any size you want, but to make yours the same size I did, you will need the following materials.

To make a planter box, you will need:

1 1X6 board, at 34 inches long

2 1X4 boards, at 36 inches long

2 1×4 boards cut at 6 inches long

Wood screws

Drill bits and drill

Screwdriver/ phillips drill head for power drill

Wood glue

Wood stain in your desired color. I chose Minwax Dark Walnut

I began by attaching my 36 inch 1X4s to the sides of the 1X6 board. This will create a box with open sides.

Then, simply attach the boards to the bottom of the box. Stain your box with the wood stain. I used two

And when your box is dried and completed, you can fill it with candles, pine cones and Christmas balls. You can use this box as a table centerpiece, on a mantle, or in a low window frame.

Go ahead and make yourself a wooden box centerpiece! They are very cheap and easy to make and you can use them for every holiday.