Updating our backyard spaces

I’m not sure who else out there has a plan for their backyard, but I know we certainly do. Recently, my backyard had some rough areas.

Look at all that mud!!

We had this empty flower bed, where we briefly considered installing a patio. Due to its proximity to our electrical lines, we decided to transfer our fire pit patio to another area of the yard. We chose instead to create bird and butterfly garden similar to this:

Source: BHG

I started by edging the bed with some rocks we already had.

We chose to plant some butterfly bushes, some echinacea bulbs, and some phlox. Then, we added a bird bath and bench.

We are not yet finished- we need to plant two more butterfly bushes AND we will have to wait til Spring to plant the bee balm and lavender. Here is our eventual plan:

“BB” refers to butterfly bushes.

I also want to do some dark colored mulch with a little path (maybe pea gravels?) leading to the bench.

We also cleared off the cluttered patio and relocated the fire pit and chairs.

Truthfully, this fire pit patio will likely be our next project. We eventually hope to add a pea gravel patio.

We also plan to build some sort of grill bar on the patio area.

Currently, it looks like this:

To this area, we still need to add a grill patio and a different table and chairs.

Here is our “backyard refresh” to do list:

*Add 2 butterfly bushes, bee balm, and lavendar, as well as mulch and a pea gravel path to the flower bed

*Add a grill bar to the patio and get a different table and chairs

*Add a pea gravel patio to the fire pit area

* Buy patio furniture, paint and stain the porch, screen in back porch.

Our to-do list is still pretty extensive, but at least we are making progress!

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