Life as a Lumber: What we’ve been up to

Good morning, good morning! Today, I begin my 16th year as a an educator…so if you’ve wondered why I’ve been a bit absent lately, this is why. I was prepping hard for a successful school year.

Having children in school on a different schedule while teaching at another district is something, but add a farm to the mix AND a social media business? Things can go from bad to horrendous really fast if I’m not APAP (as prepared as possible).

My desire to be more prepared and more organized will inspire lots of blog posts in the near future, so BOLO (be on the lookout). Lately, we have had lots going on. My kids have been in school about 2 weeks…almost three. E is loving middle school and is running cross country. A is loving first grade. Dance starts back next week.

This young lady got two teeth extracted this week to prepare for her braces. She did remarkably well with it, and I even got some great blackmail footage of her “under the influence.” I promised to not share them, so I wont. 🙂

This little cutie is adjusting quite well to first grade and has gotten several good reports 🙂 Can’t wait to see what she does with her newfound knowledge.

Our pets have been super needy and super sweet lately- I guess they miss having all their humans at home with them…or at least three of us.

A sudden bout of daily rain storms has caused our farm to EXPLODE! We have cherry tomatoes and squash growing out our ears!!! (Not really, of course) We also have a promising pumpkin crop for the fall. We have started some mums for public sale as well.

As for upcoming posts and projects, here is a sneak peak of what is coming soon! I cannot wait to share all of the wonderful things we have been up to…and the wonderful things we are still working toward.

Have a wonderful Monday!

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