Beautiful Backyard Spaces: A Pinterest Roundup

As you know, our backyard and back porch are currently undergoing a bit of an upgrade. I am planning to write some individual posts on our back porch project and our yard projects shortly, but for now I want to share some “Pin-spiration.” If you’re new here, “Pin-spiration” is just my made-up terminology for things on Pinterest that inspire me.

1. This backyard makeover from Sleepy Brown


Whoever did this yard makeover included everything I want: A firepit area, a covered table area and a grill bar. I love how well everything is tied together and how neat it looks! What a beautiful yard.

2. A Firepit patio that is both natural and beautiful


This simple, stone fire pit patio from The Creativity Exchange is lovely and isn’t fussy. I love the stone “floor” and also the pathway leading to it.

3. Outdoor kitchen


I am dreaming big with this outdoor kitchen from BHG, and I know it. I want to have an outdoor kitchen, but mine will not be this elaborate or expensive. I know when we say “outdoor kitchen,” most of us are thinking about something like this. Truth is, your outdoor kitchen doesn’t have to be fancy. It can be simple and still look really nice.

4. Playhouse envy


You all think I’m pinning this so I can make it for my kids, but the truth is, I want it! When they outgrow this super cute little playhouse, I can take it over. Just kidding. Sort of.

Actually, we already have an adorable playhouse. I want a cute little yard around it like this one. I really love the patio and the flower garden.

I really hope you have enjoyed my “Pin-spirations!” I cannot wait to show you our backyard projects and progress.

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