Easy Southwestern Chicken Salad

My family is always looking for simple, easy-to-prepare, and low-cost meals that taste great and are healthy. As you can imagine, this can be challenging. We have started trying to incorporate a lot more greens into our diets- one easy way to do this is to eat salads.

Salads are a great way for everyone to “customize” their meal. Every person at the table can make their salad as they want- We just make a big bowl of shredded lettuce, cabbage, and carrots and put the other ingredients into a bowl.

Here is one of my favorite cheap and easy salads to make: a southwestern chicken salad. You will need everything pictured here:

First, cook your chicken tenders and warm your black beans and your corn.

Then, shred your lettuce, slice your bell peppers and slice your tomatoes (optional).

Next, add the tomatoes, lettuce and bell pepper to a bowl. I added the bacon bits too.

Then, grate your cheese, but don’t add it yet.

Then, add the chicken, beans, corn and cheese to the bowl. Add your favorite dressing and enjoy!

Hope you enjoy this salad!

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