A Year in Review: Me!

This post is not a brag post or a misery post. It’s more of a “make next year better” and “hold me accountable” post. If that’s not your thing, and you want to stop reading now, I don’t hold it against you.

Today, I turn 38. Year 37 wasn’t a bad year. There were some difficult moments, as there often are, but there were plenty of good moments.

The best thing that happened this year was something I’ve prayed for a long time- my youngest child got saved. I cannot explain the joy and gratitude I felt in that moment. Soon, she will be baptized.

Our family also grew by four paws when we welcomed our sweet German Shepherd puppy Stella. She is wild and is a handful, but she is so much fun.

We were busy with dance and the kids have accomplished so much on the stage.

I spent more time in the gym, but unfortunately I let go of my healthy eating habits a bit and gained back a lot of the weight I had lost.

I can’t reflect on the year without thinking about what I want to change or improve in year 38. For starters, I’d like to get back on track with my diet and re-lose those pounds. I’d also like to become more consistent with my exercise. Having a younger dog has led to us taking more walks and spending more time outside, so that has been great for us.

I’d also like to spend less money and save a bit more. I feel as though I’ve gotten better in this area, but as always, there is room for improvement. I plan to be more intentional with spending, and to plan to put a specific amount into savings each month.

Finally, I plan to also be more present- sometimes, I just need to unplug. Put down the phone, put down the computer, and just enjoy being with my family.

Year 37 wasn’t too bad, but I have a really good feeling about year 38. I can’t wait to see what awesome things it brings.

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Photo by Mohammad reza Fathian on Pexels.com

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