Housework Wednesday: Spring Cleaning

Spring is a season of renewal and reflection, but also , it is a time of repair. Spring is a time when the world turns from gray and dead to alive and green. Not surprisingly, spring is a popular time of year for whole house cleaning and purging…spring cleaning.

Today, I want to share some of my favorite tips for spring cleaning.

1. Under the sink bathroom organization (link here)

Organizing beneath your bathroom sink can save you so much time in the mornings. Isn’t it nice to know where everything is and not have to spend time looking for it? Under-sink organizing doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated; this was done using discount store materials.

2. Simplify your weekly cleaning routine (link here)

Your cleaning routine doesn’t have to be elaborate or intimidating. There are ways to simplify your clean routine so that it’s less stressful, without sacrificing the cleanliness of your home.

3. Getting organized: tips for a more organized home (link here)

Like cleaning, having an organized home doesn’t have to have to be difficult or stressful. Here are some tips to make your home more organized without the headaches.

4. Start your morning off right with an organized fridge (link here)

Organizing your fridge might not seem so important, but you would be surprised how much less stressful your mornings are when your fridge is organized. Having everything grouped together where you can find it is so much better. Your fridge also will feel cleaner.

5. Organize your cleaning closet (link here)

Having all your cleaning supplies organized will surely help you to keep a cleaner and more organized home. Find out how with the link above.

I hope you enjoyed these spring cleaning tips. Have a wonderful day!

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