Wednesday Wonders: Cleaning Cabinet Organization

Recently, the dressers and closets at our house have gotten a bit out of hand. Case in point, my cleaning closet. It’s ironic to me that the closet containing my cleaning supplies was the most disorganized cabinet in my house, but I digress.

That was really what my cleaning cabinet looked like- stuff everywhere and no order whatsoever. I couldn’t find a thing, and when I opened the cabinet, a sure enough avalanche would fall out to threaten your feet.

Before I started, I thought about what I really want from my cleaning cabinet and how it will work for our family the best. I decided I wanted two buckets with cleaning products: one bathroom bucket, and one bucket for general cleaning (glass cleaner, multisurface cleaner, air freshener, etc). I also thought about grouping all of the extra cleaners and refills in one box, but since they are extras, they don’t necessarily need to be within reach.

I started by cleaning out everything and making an even more huge mess. I combined like items in baskets together, consolidated half full bottles, and then put everything back into the cabinet. I threw away what was expired, no longer needed, or empty. I put back into the cabinet only what was needed.

I hung the laundry bags and the burlap clothes pin bag on hanging hooks to utilize space. I also found a way to put my laundry baskets into the cabinet so they aren’t sitting out in the open. I will find another place to put the steamer, and I want a “door rack” for my iron.

It’s very nice to have everything in one place, organized and not falling out when I open the door. I also have a specific place to put all the cleaning supplies. The top of the cabinet holds laundry baskets, cleaning rags, and laundry items. The middle of the cabinet holds extra cleaners and refills, a basket with general cleaning items that can be carried room to room, and a bathroom cleaning caddy. The lower shelves house candle wax melts, batteries, picture hanging hardware, tools, light bulbs, cabinet hardware, a rug and upholstery shampooer, and a basket of floor cleaners. Everything is grouped together by function and it helps so much.

We have also reorganized our pantry and all of our bedroom closets. I can’t wait to share them with you throughout the month.

Have a wonderful week!

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