Fun Fitness Friday: best fitness apps for the new year

I am constantly looking for new fitness apps to love and use. Today, I’d like to share a round up of my favorite health and fitness apps that I actually use each week. There are others I’ve used in the past that are also great, but I am not going to include them.

1. My Macros

I love this app- before you download, visit and take the “quiz.” The website will give you your daily intake suggestions for calories, carbs, fats, and proteins. I use it to track my daily food intake, as well as my water intake. As long as I stay within my normal ranges, I feel much better and my weight is better. My Macros is available for both Apple and Android phones, for a low one-time purchase price.

2. Apple Fitness

I use the Apple Fitness app, which is a companion to Apple Health and the Apple watch apps. Most people love this app or hate it, and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of in between. I love using Apple Fitness for tracking my workouts and pairing with my watch and health apps, but I don’t necessarily love the Apple Fitness Plus workouts. When I see my doctor each year, I have a very detailed reports via my Health and Fitness apps that I can show them. My personal trainer also has synced her Apple Health with mine and she can see when I complete workouts.

3. Female Fitness for iPhone

I mentioned that I don’t love the Apple Fitness Plus workouts, but I do really like the workouts (and also the meal plans) on Female Fitness for iPhone. You can customize your workouts and choose which muscle group to target. You can also customize meal plans for yourself or your family.

4. Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club is a great app to use. I personally no longer use this one, but I did like a lot of things about it when I did use it. I love the celebrity workouts- who doesn’t want to work out with Serena Williams? You can choose from equipment free workouts and workouts with equipment. You can do workouts individually or use monthly programs. The workouts are engaging and fun. You really can’t go wrong here- I just chose to use a different app that was a little cheaper.

5. FitnessBlender

FitnessBlender is an app, a website, AND a YouTube channel, which is why it makes the list. I used FitnessBlender extensively during covid shutdowns. While the app and website require a subscription, the YouTube channel does not. You have access via YouTube to hundreds of specialized workouts. If I’m at home, or in a hotel room, Fitness Blender’s YouTube is my go-to.

I hope you have enjoyed this list! What are your favorite fitness apps and channels?

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