New: our 2023 printable calendar/weekly planner

In years past, I made and printed my own agenda. It was a lot of work, but I enjoyed being able to customize the agenda. There are plenty of agendas I can buy that are very nice, but the ability to design and include exactly what I want is great. I decided to share my agenda with you all.

Your agenda includes a monthly calendar for all 12 months, a finance tracker for each month, a year-long savings tracker, birthday list, and five weekly planner pages per month.

Additionally, you can choose from the following covers.

I created this calendar for my daughter, but you can choose it as well.

You can instantly download and print all 104 pages right here. You can also choose to have your calendar professionally printed and spiral bound at a print shop. I like to use Staples Copy and Print. The download and print it yourself version is available here.

You can also purchase an already printed, already assembled (spiral bound) version of the calendar for $40. Find that here!

I hope you’ll order and enjoy one of our calendars. Have a happy day!

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