Creating absolutely beautiful Thanksgiving table scapes

Creating a fall tablescape is both easy and fun! Whether you plan to have company for Thanksgiving, or just your own family, you can quickly create a table that makes you happy and fills you with the spirit of the season.

Creating a beautiful table doesn’t have to be hard, but it should include the following:

1. Pretty tableware: plates and silverware

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The Dollar Tree has very pretty fall colored and patterned plates. You can also choose from woven chargers or several colors of plastic chargers.

Source: Oriental Trading

If paper plates are more your speed (because, let’s face it, you’ll save tons of time) Oriental Trading has a great selection of pretty plates you can get. Best of all, there would be no dishes.

2. A pretty centerpiece

Source: Pure Wow

This centerpiece would be easy to make. It’s simple and can be made from materials you could get from the dollar store, or a craft store. I also really love the colors- they’re very “fall” and easy to match your table ware.

3. Table linens

Source: BHG

A pretty table runner or colorful napkins make a very pretty statement.

4. Use candles at different heights to add interest

white candles on brown wooden crate
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Candles of different heights add a lot of interest to your table and keep your eye moving. Also, the soft candle glow evokes a cozy feeling. They’re pretty and they make you feel more cozy!! Scented candles are nice, too.

5. Add natural elements

red fruits on table
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Bring something from the outside in- pine cones, berries (fake ones for safety’s sake), pumpkins, leaves, or gourds all will work for Thanksgiving. You can use real ones or pick up faux ones at the store. I love to use pinecones.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Thanksgiving is just around the corner!

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