Fantastic Health and Beauty Finds at Dollar Tree

Today, I would like to share some beauty and health items at Dollar Tree of which you should definitely take advantage. These items are super cheap but are very comparable to more expensive products.

1. Retinol makeup remover wipes

These work just as well as Neutrogena and for about $5 less. The Dollar Tree has an assortment of makeup wipes available: orange infused, mango infused, collagen, cocoa butter, aloe and retinol. I use the retinol for removing my makeup each day, or just when I feel I need to clean my face. My daughter uses the aloe wipes. Find the full selection here.

2. Salon Selectives Heat Protectant

The girls enjoy straightening their hair, but they’re still at an age where they aren’t exactly thrifty with product. Wasting something I paid $1.25 for as opposed to $7 is much better. It also works well for its intended purpose.

3. Vaseline Cocoa Butter hand cream

I have jars of this stuff everywhere- my purse, my car, and my desk. I love it- works well, doesn’t smell strongly, and it’s cheap!

4. St Ives facial spray

This St Ives face mist is great- it hasn’t been easy to find and sometimes my local store doesn’t stock it. It works well for picking you up when you feel a bit tired or blahhh. And for $1.25, you can buy a bottle for your car, your purse, and your office.

5. hair elastics

When your girls are dancers and you’re a runner who enjoys working out at the gym, you can’t have enough hair ties. Ours are always missing. At the dollar store, I can buy several of them for cheap. Check out the selection here.

6. hair brushes

We have so many DT brushes at our house- they have some really nice ones that are great and just as good as their more expensive counterparts. Check out the selection here.

What are your favorite Dollar Tree finds? I am always looking for more.

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