Life as a Lumber: what we have been up to!

Happy Sunday to you! We have had a busy week and a busier weekend. We have been very blessed, so while we have barely had a moment to pause, it’s been a good time.

Our kids are gearing up for a busy competition season, so we have been at dance a bit more than usual. And that’s ok- I use the time to browse the thrift store and go to the gym.

Last night, we participated in our church’s Trunk or Treat and it was a blast! We had lots of kids come and Aubrey dressed up as ME!

We also explored an antique store we had never been to before and E got six classic vinyls. She found Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, Porter and Dolly, Emmylou Harris, Crystal Gayle, and Patsy Cline. She was one happy girl!

Sadly, the hawks have been extra hungry this week and took two of my hens in two days. One was my favorite. At the moment, we are down to three hens and a rooster. I will get more hens in the spring.

A is becoming interested in guitar, which I am excited about. Can’t wait to see which talents she pursues and how she uses them.

Remember my herb garden from last week? It is beginning to sprout! Now, to keep the cats from sampling it.

Have a fantastic week! We will be featuring the following things today:

1.Health and Beauty Finds at Dollar Tree

2. Pantry Organization

3. Thanksgiving prep

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