Saturday Snaps: A Quick Road Trip to Hanging Rock State Park (North Carolina)

This weekend, my daughters competed in a dance convention in King, NC.

Rather than sit in the parking lot for nine hours, my husband and I opted to do a little exploring. A store owner in Downtown King, NC recommended we check out the Lower Cascade trail at Hanging Rock State Park.

Our AllTrails app suggested a short, easy trail, which was necessary since we weren’t exactly dressed or prepared for a hike.

Beyond the trail head, we found a very beautiful and pleasant walk. We even encountered a few other hikers with their dogs.

Staying on the trail is imperative, as there are a lot of steep inclines and cliff faces.

Some of the trail contains rock steps and wood steps with railings.

When you reach the bottom, you’re awarded with this:

We very much enjoyed our short walk in the woods- we will check out the upper cascade sometime when we are properly attired (and when I’m wearing hiking boots and not wearing K-Swiss flat soles).

Have a great Saturday!

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