Life as a Lumber: What We’ve Been Up To

Happy Saturday to you! We have had quite a busy week, but a blessed one. I am exhausted, but in a great place.

We had revival services at our church this week, and they were wonderful. I looked forward to attending church each evening and I was sad to see it end. Our visiting pastor was great and he really spoke to our hearts each night.

My oldest daughter had her last cross country meet, the championship. Out of eight schools, she came in the top 30. She did great, but no athletic accolades could make me happier than this picture does. That’s my girl in the middle, praying with her teammates. They asked to pray before the meet- no adult told them to do it, or suggested it. They made this choice.

My youngest daughter has taken an interest in doing her hair- this is her first attempt at a low bun and I think she did great! She is surely proud of herself.

My girls have gained an appreciation for my thrifting hobby. In the past few weeks, we have had some incredible finds.

At this point, we are working hard on our house, trying to accomplish as much organizing and simplifying as we can. Both girls have cleaned out their closets (post coming soon!) and we are working on getting rid of extraneous clutter.

I cannot wait to show you all of these great posts:

*Fall decor

*Closet organization

*What’s on your bucket list?

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

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