Life as a Lumber: What We’ve Been Up To

I haven’t posted much lately, but boy, have we been busy!!! For starters, my oldest daughter came in tenth place in her cross country meet this week. She has been working hard and had done well for her first season- she plans to run again next year.

We also completed a color run 5k at the kids’ school this weekend. The times weren’t our personal bests, but we had a blast. We haven’t run one of these in about three years, so it was a lot of fun.

No, we’re really not that short. Our shirts are just long 🤣

My little one took this adorable little picture at school and I love her big smile! I cannot wait to get these pictures back.

I snapped this super cute picture of our cats and dog enjoying the sunshine this weekend- I guess the cats have finally realized the dog is staying (and it only took two years for them to figure it out). The cats look like they’re whispering about the dog 🤣

And lastly, we started getting the greenhouse and garden ready for fall this weekend. The greenhouse received a new cover this weekend.

The chickens were very curious about what we were doing to the greenhouse.

This week, I’ll share some Dollar Tree organization with you, as well as our fall decor…as well as something fun on Friday. Have a wonderful Sunday!

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