Cute and affordable fall decor at Dollar General

Who else is happy that it’s finally fall? I am more than ready to break out my sweaters, boots, hoodies and scarves, but it’s still just a bit too warm in North Carolina. Hopefully, by the end of the month, we’ll be a little more chill (see what I did there?).

At least, until the real fall weather shows up, we can always fake it by decorating for fall. It is fall according to the calendar, right? While Hobby Lobby and Michael’s and some of the more expensive stores have beautiful decor, stores like Dollar General are holding their own….and are much lighter on your wallet.

Plaid burlap cloth pumpkin, $8

$8 at Dollar General

Dollar General has a lot of different sized cloth pumpkins, and a few different colors. I thought this gray plaid pumpkin was really cute. It’d be adorable paired with white dishes and candles. At only $8, you could buy a few of them.

2. Tall copper planters

Tall “copper” planter, $25

The DG has these in two sizes: a large one for $25 and a smaller one for $12. I think they’d look great on a porch or in an entryway. You could plant flowers in them, use them for an umbrella stand, or put lighted branches in them. So many possibilities!

3. Happy Fall, Ya’ll! mug, $6

Happy Fall, Y’all! Mug, $6

This mug is cute, sturdy, and it doesn’t look like something you’d pay only $6 for. It actually also matches my dishes (Mikasa French Countryside if you’re interested). I want to buy a whole set of these. I thought about buying some and putting candy or hot chocolate bombs in them and giving them as small gifts.

4. Gather here with grateful hearts sign

“wood” sign, $12

This sign is cute, and it’s non-exclusive enough to be used year round. Hang it up in your dining room or living room, or use it in the center of a wreath. I’ve almost bought this one a few times.

5. White “stoneware” lantern, $15

lantern, $15

Here is a cute lantern you could use to stow long stems of greenery or lighted branches like a vase. You could also use it like a lantern and display candles or fairy lights. You could also use this one year-round.

6. Glass pumpkin bean crock, $8

This super cute pumpkin lidded dish is $8!

This is the only item on this list I have actually bought. I’m using it for a candy dish in my kitchen. You could use this for so much- take it to a church dinner filled with your favorite side, use it to store candy, or simply sit it out for decor. I love the color.

6. Assorted greenery

Assorted greenery, various prices

There are so many pretty floral options at DG right now. It’s available for different prices, but I liked this lamb’s ear for $4. I haven’t bought any yet, but I bet I will soon.

What discount store finds have you discovered lately?

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