Life as a Lumber: what we’ve been up to

Good evening, all! The past two weeks have been extremely stressful here at the Lumber house, so I opted to take a little time off of the blog to get things back on track. It was the right choice, and things now are much more calm.

I could barely feel my arms the next day.

Lately, I’ve been hitting the gym. I’m trying to undo some poor choices I’ve made food-wise in the past year and am also trying to stay well. While the girls are in dance class, I’m in the gym. I’m healthier, happier and less anxious when I can burn all my frustrations in the weight room or in my running shoes.

Our girls have gone back to dance class. They also tried out for and made the competition team. This will be my oldest daughter E’s fifth competition season and my youngest daughter A’s third competition season. E has also discovered a new passion- cross country. She is getting ready to run in her third meet and even though her season is almost over, she plans to do it again next year.


This year, we tried to grow pumpkins! We would have succeeded, were it not for the deer. They have been particularly relentless this year and they eat our garden as fast as we can plant it. Next year, we will utilize an electric fence.

Nope, we can’t see you hiding.

If you have cats, please go to Aldi and buy them a cat house. It comes with a little bag of catnip and it is hilarious to watch them go crazy!! We have two cats and they fight over the cat house.

As of this week, I’m returning to blogging. I am happy to show you some beautiful fall decor, some dollar store crafts and also some delicious recipes. Stay tuned!

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