Boone’s backyard oasis: yet another update

We completed yet another phase of our back yard refresher project.

If you’re new here, we have been working on our boring, ugly and plain backyard. Since we are a family with young children and without unlimited cash flow, we do things a little at a time (like most people do).

You may recall when I wrote this post. Our porch was empty and had just been stained and sealed. I lamented while taking those pictures that the porch looked better empty and I almost left it that way.

Fall is coming soon here in the South and cooler temperatures will be coming too (I hope so, anyway). Our porch is just too nice to not use.

I’m not the most patient person in the world (and if you know me in real life, you are currently laughing and nodding in agreement) and I don’t want to wait to complete a project. I want it done RIGHT NOW! But…projects are expensive and Rome wasn’t built in a day. I am writing this to show you can do nice projects on a budget, but also to remind myself that doing things in phases deserves to be celebrated.

I chose to wait until the end-of-season sales to purchase new furniture.

For less than $200, I bought this furniture set on Amazon. I already had the rug, cushions, lights, sign and plant stand.

Eventually, I will replace the rug and cushions, but at this time, they are still in good enough condition to continue using them.

I already had these two rocking chairs and the plant pot table, but the cushions were purchased from a local discount store.

We are not completely finished with this project; we still need to paint and stain the porch, repaint the rocking chairs, install a ceiling fan, and screen in the porch.

Still, I think these small improvements made a big difference…and I can’t wait to finish the project.

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