Pallet projects: directional sign

Recently, I acquired a stack of pallets from work. I used most of them to build the raised beds you see in this post.

I had a few planks of wood left over from that project, but I didn’t want to throw it away. Burning treated wood is a no-no here, and we are under a burn ban due to the heat. What to do?

If you know me, or you’ve read here for any length of time, you probably know I won’t waste lumber. I stuck these planks together in a way that I liked and secured them together.

And I gave them a good sanding. Shoutout to Ryobi- we love our orbital sander.

I lightly lettered the locations I wanted with a pencil. I thought about using a stencil, but I wanted it to be a bit “folksy.” If I made a mistake, I sanded over it. I also chose locations that were dear to us: our birthplaces, where we met, our honeymoon location, and the birthplace of our children.

I then traced over them with a paint pen, and cut the ends off the brace pieces.

I added hanging hardware and then I hung it up. I am not in love with the location, so I will likely move it. I do love how the sign turned out though.

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