Five travel essentials for a more organized, less-stressful trip

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My family and I don’t travel often- at the most, we vacation in the mountains or at the beach twice a year, and then go to visit our family who lives out-of-state. This year, we have taken three out-of-state trips and two were for work.

What I have learned throughout these experiences is there are ways to travel safer, more-organized, and less-stressed. I have learned as a person that I when am much better organized, I am far less stressed and less likely to forget things. Does it still happen? Sure. But not nearly as often.

1. A nice, sturdy suitcase

Whether you buy a high-end suitcase or buy a department store model like me, make sure you have a sturdy suitcase that will hold everything you need.

Buy it here!

2. Packing cubes!

Oh, my stars! Where have these things been all my life??!!

I recently discovered packing cubes when my husband went to Florida for a week-long work trip. I love the ones that come in different sizes. I had small ones for intimates, larger ones for shorts and pants, and medium sized ones for pajamas and workout clothing.

They made everything so much easier to find. These are the ones I ordered:

You can order them here!

3. Pop up laundry hamper

This one isn’t really a necessity for plane travel, but it’s a fantastic option for hotel stays.

Since we frequently travel with two children, the dirty clothes pile can get quite chaotic, quickly! We love these fold flat pop up hampers because they fit in our suitcases and they have handles for portability when they’re full. Definitely don’t leave home without this one.

I like this one because it comes in a pack of two: one for the adults and one for the kids!

4. Travel electronic accessories organizer

If you have kids, then your kids likely have some sort of electronics and you probably have a phone. This electronic charger organizer will keep all your cords handy and help you not lose them.

Buy it here:

5. Hanging toiletry organizer

My children each have one of these and it’s such an awesome bag, I plan to order one for myself. The bag itself is not big, but you can fit so much. The hanging hook is also very sturdy.

Get one for yourself, too by following this link.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this list. Do you have a favorite travel accessory? Comment below to share.

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