Housework Wednesdays: our fantastically modular mudroom (that only cost me $40)

You may recall that my mudroom/laundry room combo used to look like this:

That large cabinet was actually a TV cabinet, but we used it to store cleaning supplies. Because our brooms and mops were all stored in the pantry, it really wasn’t ideal. The cabinet was also very large and bulky, and took up a lot of floor space. It also wasn’t the best storage space, since it only had two shelves.

My mom was getting rid of four tall Ikea Hemnes shelves.

They were in great shape and too nice to throw away. She also had a TV cabinet, but the wall in my mudroom was not long enough for all five pieces. I have long coveted a mudroom that looks like this, but it just isn’t in the budget right now.

I got the idea to use the shelves like lockers by removing the bottom three shelves. I already had several of these baskets in our pantry, and my mom had eight more she was not using.

We had a little leftover space that was the perfect size for this little one seater shoe bench from Amazon. (Click here to purchase)

This sweet little bench only cost me $40 with a gift card. I already had the baskets and the ones I didn’t have were given to me. The shelves were given to me too. I am very excited about this much neater, much more organized drop zone for our book bags, dance bags, and lunch boxes.

Let’s see that before and after.


And after:

I hope you have enjoyed our modular Mudroom tour! Have a fantastic Wednesday.

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  1. What a smart and affordable idea for a mudroom! Visiting via A Stroll Thru Life, congrats on your feature! We’d love to have to link-up at Tuesday Turn About each week, via My Wee Abode! We open on Tuesday mornings at 6am EST. Hope to see you there!

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