DIY Easter Egg Wreath

I have seen these adorable egg wreaths all over TikTok and Pinterest, and I just couldn’t wait to make one myself. I hit a few snags, but I have to say mine didn’t turn out too badly. To make your own, you will need the following: Spanish moss, faux eggs, and two wire wreath forms.

I purchased all my materials from Dollar Tree. FULL DISCLOSURE: the eggs pictured were too big to close the wreath forms, so I ended up using some I already had on hand. They are similar to these:

My first step was to line a wire wreath form with Spanish moss. Be advised- it will make a huge mess.

Then, I laid my eggs (HAHA) in the moss-lined wreath form.

Then, I used burlap to tie the bottom wreath form and the top one to one another. I did this in several spots on the inner and outer rings of the wire frames.

Then, I trimmed up the Spanish moss and swept up the mess I made.

And I added a pretty bow. FULL DISCLOSURE: I didn’t make the bow. My bows are horrible. I bought this one.

Then, I hung it up above my mantel and I absolutely love it.

If you’ve made a wire form egg wreath, I’d love for you to share below! Happy creating!

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