Farmhouse Friday: mason jar soap dispenser

You know what I love but have entirely too many of?

Mason jars. I have dozens of them and I’m always looking for fun ways to use them.

A few weeks ago, I got the idea to make some mason jar soap dispensers so I saved a few of these pumps from some empty hand soaps that I had.

If they’re too short, you can always change out the “straw” on them for a longer one.

Start by finding the jar you want and marking the lid where you want to put the dispenser. Then, make a hole with a tin punch or a drill bit. CAUTION: wear gloves and eye protection. Do not allow children to do this.

Make the hole your desired size.

Then, use clear caulk to ensure that your pump doesn’t move or leak.

And once your caulk dries, you may fill and begin using your new soap dispenser. I added some pretty ribbon to mine.

What else should I create with my mason jars?

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