Make something Monday: kids’ spring crafts

If you’re a frequent reader here at Lumber in my Minivan, you’ve probably already figured out that I love a good craft project. It’s not surprising that my kids do, too. We have made so many neat and fun crafts over the years and we are constantly looking for more. We are currently into boxed small crafting kits (like the kind you buy at 5Below or Hobby Lobby)- my oldest daughter recently got a resin jewelry crafting kit and my youngest recently got a beaded bracelet making kit. Sometimes, we like to think outside the box (pun intended). Here are some fun, cheap, and cute craft ideas for your creative child (or your inner child).

1. Paint some pretty flowers


There are a number of painting tutorials and easy painting ideas on Pinterest and YouTube. Some of my favorites include painting hydrangeas with bubble wrap and lilacs with QTips dipped in paint. These are cute enough to frame and hang in your home for years to come. Paint parties are a common thing- why not invite some friends over, serve some good snacks, and let your kids host their own paint party? They’d love it.

2. Giant paper succulents


These giant paper succulents are so pretty! I love how easy AbbiKristen’s instructions and templates are to follow. You will need a Cricut or Silhouette to cut out the shapes, but other than that, you can make them with materials you already have.

3. “Spring in a jar” kids’ terrariums


The cool thing about this craft is that you can easily customize it. You can make a crafty non-living, just-for-looks terrarium like this one, or if your kids are older, you can make a real, living ecosystem in a jar with real plants and soil. This would be a good science-based activity as well.

4. Milk carton bird feeders


Got milk? If you do, you can upcycle that empty carton in to a cute little bird feeder. These are definitely a lot neater than the one I made in first grade! Kids will enjoy painting these any way they please.

5. Easter gingerbread houses


My children enjoy making gingerbread houses at Christmas time. This spring version is so cute I just may have to make one with them.

Which spring craft will you make?

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