Spring cleaning: our cleaning arsenal

It’s getting to be spring cleaning time and I am so ready to make my house fresh and clean and organized again…but I’m running a little low on free time to make that happen. As soon as spring break rolls around, I’ll be on it.

Today, I’d like to share my favorite cleaning products with you. I’m a big fan of Method, Mrs Meyers and the Grove Collaborative, because their products are less harmful.

1. Mrs Meyers Multisurface Cleaner

I can use this cleaner in every room of my house and it comes in so many nice scents. It works well on countertops, furniture, and even to spot clean floors.

2. Method squirt +mop wood floor cleaner (almond scent)

We have hardwood floors and this stuff makes them so shiny. It also has a very pleasant scent that makes the house smell clean. Although it says “for wood floors,” I have used it on linoleum and tile and it worked fine.

3. Method Antibac bathroom floor cleaner

Method Antibac bathroom cleaner does a great job cleaning our bathroom counters and making our tubs clean. It smells like mint and doesn’t have that harsh chemical smell most bathroom cleaners seem to have.

4. Grove Co Glass Cleaner

This glass cleaner is mixed with water in a glass spray bottle. It lasts a long time and does an excellent job cleaning windows and mirrors. It dries without streaks and smells great, too. This may well be my favorite.

5. Mrs Meyers Surface Scrub

This scrubbing powder will make a farm sink or a bathtub shiny and clean. I love the light scent!

6. Magic erasers and walnut scouring sponges

I love to use the walnut scouring sponges and magic erasers to clean our home and our car. They make the house look so clean and bright. I use them for a little bit of everything- from washing porch railings, to cleaning bathtubs, to scouring and scrubbing our ceramic sink.

What’s in your cleaning arsenal?

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