Free Printable Friday: Monthly Finance Tracker

cash dollars hands money
cash dollars hands money
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You all know how much I like to make printables. If you’re a planner nut like I am, chances are you already have some sort of paper finance tracker. Maybe you’re a spreadsheet/Google Sheets guru and you keep track of your spending like that.

I created this printable because, while Google Sheets/Spreadsheets are great, I like my notes and records a bit more tangible. I still enjoy writing things down by hand…plus, all of you people laughed at me for my “old-fashioned-ness” until Google crashed a few years ago…just kidding.

If you’re still into paper like I am, I have just the printable for you. For best results, right click and save to your device. I recommend printing no larger than 8.5X11 and using the “fit to page” option. You may print this at home, or you may use a print shop- I like Staples Copy and Print.

Please remember our printables are for personal use only, NOT COMMERCIAL USE. If you use the printables, or post about them, please link back to us!! And have a fabulous weekend.

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