Getting organized for dance competitions

My daughters have done dance competitions for a few seasons now.

One thing I have learned about dance competitions is that the better organized and prepared you are, the less stressed you and your dancers are. I have also learned to pack early and plan ahead.

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A few years ago, we purchased a large Ovation Performance Dance Bag with a rack. I bought the biggest size they had since I have two dancers.

There is plenty of room on the rack and in the bag to accommodate all of their costumes and makeup. Garment bags keep our costumes nice.

Their competition coach fixed them both personalized totes with all of their hair and costume needs, which fit into the bag just fine.

I use a small $10 train case to organize their makeup. I found it at Marshall’s.

I also have a first aid kit, a sewing kit, and a tackle box with false eyelashes, glue, Bobby pins, and small hair elastics.

There are a number of other bags on the market such as Dream Duffel, Pack2Rack, Rack ‘n’ Roll, and more. The Ovation bag was a bit cheaper and had just as good of reviews.

I particularly like this one because of the attached “changing room.” For a few extra bucks, I bought the poles and curtains that attach to the bag to make a quick, safe place to change.

We also have a small cooler full of snacks and water bottles.

Competition moms- what are your favorite organization tips?

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