5 Tools for Excellent Bible Studies

Good day, and happy Wednesday to you! I am currently working hard to clean out our home and be more intentional with our space. I am also working on being more diligent with my Bible study. I thought it would be nice today to share the space where I do my Bible study, as well as the tools I like to use to improve my study.

I like to do my Bible study right here. This chair is comfortable and I can put my feet up. The lighting is good and the side table is helpful. Plus, this room is calm and cozy.

Source: Red Shelf

I use an NIV Study Bible, which I love because it references many other verses down at the bottom of the page. I’ve learned a lot from looking up the additional verses that are referenced.

I also love using highlighters and pens while studying. You can get whatever colors and styles you like. I like these:

Flair pens and Pastel liners for the win!!!

The next thing you may want to consider is a notebook or journal. Sometimes when I am reading my Bible, a verse or a thought jumps out at me that I want to remember or expand upon. I don’t want to do a lot of writing inside my Bible, so a notebook gives me the space to record those thoughts. The notebooks from Paperage are the perfect size and they even fit in my Bible cover.

I also have a very nice Bible cover that is big enough to hold my Bible, my pens and highlighters,and my Paperage journal. This way, I’m not having to constantly find my things when I sit down to study my Bible.

This Bible cover from Amazon would fit everything I need AND look pretty.

What are your go-to products for Bible study?

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