Observe Martin Luther King Jr Day by choosing kindness

Martin Luther King Jr was a man who desired peace, equality, and love for all humankind. In recent years, several groups have challenged Americans to observe the MLKJ holiday by practicing kindness. Kindness to others doesn’t have to be any major event, or even anything public. Maybe, like me, you prefer to keep your good deeds quiet. I prefer not drawing attention to the things I do to help others, because I want to be sure I’m serving others instead of my ego. I’m not saying everyone who makes their good deeds public is stroking their ego, so please don’t hear that.

Kindness to others can be something as simple as the following:

  1. Visit an elderly citizen. Maybe you know someone from your church who is widowed and would love for you to come visit them for even just a half hour. Maybe you can stop by and visit with them, or even have a cup of coffee together. Sometimes, letting someone know you’re thinking of them is all you need.
  2. Volunteer at a community organization. Does your town have an animal shelter, a food pantry, or a soup kitchen? Spend some time connecting with others and lending your time to serve others.
  3. Acts of service Perhaps your town needs people to rake leaves, sweep sidewalks, and help clean up litter. You could always organize a group to get together and beautify your town.
  4. Pay it forward Can you pay for a stranger’s food? Help someone by doing a simple task for them, like sweeping their porch or carrying in their groceries?

Martin Luther King Jr dreamed of a world where kindness, love, and light were second nature. While we shouldn’t only focus on kindness during MLKJ Day, but all year, this is certainly a start. Kindness can change the world.

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