2022 Christmas Home Tour

Good Saturday morning to you! I am so excited to share our 2022 Christmas home tour. It isn’t perfect, but I really love what we did this year. Side note: we haven’t put the outdoor decorations up yet.

Living room:

Our living room holds our main tree, also known as the big tree, or the red and gold tree. This is also where the mantle in the picture above is located.

Also, we display our nativity scene on the side table. My grandpa built the manger for me and my grandmother supplied the nativity figures. I absolutely treasure this.

Dining room:

Our dining room holds what is known as the “nostalgia tree.” This tree has the musical instrument ornaments my mom used when I was growing up, as well as some velvet bows my aunt gave me. I added the gold instruments and white sleigh bells this year. I still need to find a velvet bow for the top.

Some of the ornaments on this tree:

Family room

Our family room holds the smallest of the big trees. This is the tree where we hang the homemade ornaments and the souvenir ornaments we buy when we go on vacation. Our pets’ stockings are in here, too.

Some of the ornaments on the tree:

My grandmother made this yoyo quilt Christmas tree for us and the memorial ornaments are from my friend Hillary.

Laundry room:

These cute little plaid trees and this homemade potted tree add a little Christmas cheer to our mudroom/laundry room. I’ll tell you more about my homemade tree later.


Both of our bathrooms have plumbing pipe and plank shelves. I chose to decorate them like this:


We did very minimal decorating in the kitchen. I love this scale my grandma gave me, so I use it each year.

Our bedroom trees:

The girls also have white Christmas trees in their rooms that they decorate themselves. M and I have a small green tree in our bedroom.

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