24 Days of Christmas: Plan the perfect Christmas Dinner Party

Christmas is most certainly a busy time of year. While we are excited to see all of our friends and family members, planning get togethers can be nerve wracking. Today, I’ll be sharing my tips for creating a beautiful, fun dinner party with less stress and more joy.

1. Choose a date- the earlier the better

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Try to choose your date early, as you are likely trying to get multiple family members together. As soon as you choose your date, begin sending save the dates or invitations so people can plan accordingly. If you’re planning a theme, such as an ugly Christmas sweater party or a cookie exchange, include the relevant info on your party invitations. Plan your budget and your guest list- will you need to rent a facility, or will you host the party at home? What menu are you planning? What is your budget for the event? Once people begin to RSVP and you are aware of who will attend, you may begin planning your menu.

2. Order your supplies as soon as you schedule your party

As soon as your date and location are chosen, go ahead and start shopping for your party supplies, especially if you are ordering them offline. Don’t get caught at the last minute without something you need! Dollar Tree and Dollar General are great places to find budget friendly tablecloths, tableware and even balloons. You can also find a variety of colors and themes. Party City and Oriental Trading are great options as well.

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3. Plan your menu

Will you offer an actual sit down meal, or will you only offer drinks, charcuterie and dessert? Think about the time for which your party is scheduled and how many people you will be entertaining. How many people will you serve at your party? Will you be able to prepare the meal yourself, or will you have it catered, or order certain dishes from other places? Don’t forget to speak with your guests about food allergies and sensitivities.

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4. Rock a Christmas playlist your guests will love

Some fun, upbeat Christmas music in the background is sure to put everyone in the Christmas spirit! We like to use this one:


4. Include a fun activity

You may play dirty santa, decorate cookies, make Christmas crafts together, or even have a photobooth area with fun costumes and props. Any of those would be a hit- It’s totally up to you!

I hope these tips help you have a less stressful, more enjoyable party planning experience! Happy planning!

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