Life as a Lumber: long time, no post!

Happy rainy days to you

I have meant to post more often. Really, I have. Truthfully, I got myself into a posting rut and I ended up getting really busy trying to start our farm.

Speaking of farming, we added four beautiful new chickens to our coop. Meet Cluck Norris the rooster, Maude, Ruby and Lucy. We also still have Hennifer, Jezebel and Blake Shelton.
We have been selling plants and herbs and have done really well. This fall we will try mums and fall flowers.
We are currently redecorating our living room- this is what we’ve done so far.
I recently went to Florida for work- it was great and I learned SO MUCH, but I surely missed my family.
These two are having a fantastic summer: lots of swimming, lots of movies and lots of playing! This week, they’ll dance at Nationals.

I hope to have some super exciting projects to share with you soon! Stay tuned!

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