2022 Word of the Year

If you know me, you know I really don’t make New Years Resolutions. I do set goals, I choose a scripture for the year, and I choose a word for the year. My word of the year for 2022 is “presence.”

I chose this word because I want to remind myself to be present. Put down the phone and the computer and pay attention to life around me. Spend more time with my family and friends. Fall into books and God’s word instead of the social media rabbit hole.

I also want to focus on His presence. Before I make any decisions, I want to focus on what God wants for me. I want to fully trust in His plan and His presence in my life. I want Him to be present in every aspect of my life.

My Bible verse for this year is Psalm 95:2: “Let us come before his presence with thanksgiving, and make a joyful noise unto him with psalms.”

We’ve been through a lot the past two years: everyone has. I want to focus on being thankful for the good things and praising God for getting us through the bad things.

I challenge you to come up with a word of the year and Bible verse to live by for the new year. It’ll keep you grounded and help you know where you want to focus in 2022. I would love for you to comment below and share your word or verse with me!

Happy New Year, friends.

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