2021: a year in review

I didn’t do a typical “year in review” post last year, because, quite frankly, there wasn’t a lot of awesome to review. I had hoped this year would be better, and in some ways, it has been. Sadly, Covid hasn’t gone away, and I really don’t believe it will go away anytime soon.

In my opinion, The only way to get through all of this craziness is to focus on the positive. So that’s exactly what I’m going to do with this post.


We kicked off our new year by building the girls a new swing set. It was fun and they love it!
I bought a polytunnel greenhouse and began learning how to use it. I made some mistakes and still have a lot to learn.


I went on a cleaning and organizing rampage and donated over 50 pounds of unneeded items.


We bought and installed the cutest little playhouse ever in our backyard.


We celebrated Easter in our brand new church home and loved it.

Emorie went back to school from being virtual and we got chickens! We started with four chickens and now we have 6.


We planted a bigger garden but it didn’t do well. You live and you learn.


Our dance studio finally got to have a recital! And the girls competed at Nationals this year.
Emorie competed her solo as well.

We also went to Boone and Blowing Rock for the weekend for Emorie’s birthday.


We went to the beach for the first time in two years.


These two little stinkers started school and Aubrey went to kindergarten!


Nothing too awesome happened, except this flower pot side table! And we started a new dance year.


We went trick or treating at the zoo with our church’s children’s department and had a blast!


Thanksgiving, Chatham Rabbits concerts and back to Boone for Aubrey’s birthday

And finally, December.

The dancers got to dance in a parade again, we went to see The Nutcracker, and I took some super cute pictures of my favorite girls.

Well, 2021, that’s a wrap! May 2022 bring us all joy and wellness.

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