Sunday Musings with Lumber in my Minivan

Hey, everybody! I hope you have had a truly amazing weekend. We have had a tiring, yet good week. My family and I are adjusting to my being back at work after eight months of working from home. It hasn’t been easy, and we are relieved to be at home for two weeks for Christmas break.

Holt Road Lights in Apex, NC. You should really go visit this place if you haven’t already.

I received some worried emails when I did not post scheduled blog content this past week. I ended up cutting our schedule just a little short for some much needed rest and family time. Thanks for checking on us; we are ok. I’m learning that you sometimes need to be willing to take some things off your plate in the interest of self-care and those who depend on you.

Daisy is sleeping on my wrapping paper supplies. How’s a busy mom going to wrap presents now?

I have some great things in store for you in the near future- I will continue with our Christmas series through Christmas Day, and will take the weekend off. Next week, I will resume our three day a week posting schedule.

This week, you can expect to see:

  1. A handmade Christmas wreath, Monday, December 21
  2. Family Christmas Traditions you should start right now, Tuesday, December 22
  3. What you can do now to prepare for Christmas next year, Wednesday, December 23
  4. Candlelight tour, Thursday, December 24
  5. Merry Christmas! Friday, December 25

Next week, you will see:

  1. Best Christmas Storage Roundup Monday, December 28
  2. A Year in Review 2020 Wednesday, December 30
  3. 2021 Mood Board Thursday, December 31
  4. Happy New Year! Friday Jan 1

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