Christmas Decor at Walgreens

Christmas is almost a week away, and while most of us have already long finished our decorating, you can score some deals on cute decor for next year. While most of us venture into the big box stores and home decor stores for our Christmas ornaments, you can’t overlook the drugstores. You can find some unexpectedly cute holiday items that no one will ever guess you purchased from a drug store. This cute little ceramic tree came from Walgreens for less than $15.

Here are some other wonderful Christmas decorations I found on the seasonal aisle at my local Walgreens.

1. Pop-up Christmas tree card $13

This is really a pop up Christmas card, but I think it would be an awesome decoration for your desk or office. It really is adorable and it’s hard to believe it is made from paper.

2. Hallmark Christmas ornaments from classic movies, $9

Walgreens has a huge assortment of holiday movie Christmas ornaments. My local Walgreens had Jack Skellington, Rudolph, and the leg lamp from A Christmas Story. I’d love to have a holiday movie themed tree- you could totally do that for less than $100, since these ornaments are under $10.

3. 18 foot lighted pine garland, $12.99

I really want to buy this to hang on my porch banister next year. And at $13, I can buy more than one and not feel guilty.

4. Wooden Wick Vanilla Candle, $12.99

This candle smells amazing, and I love the sound of the wooden wick burning. The price is pretty nice, too,

5. Lighted present decor set , $30

These things would be so cute in anyone’s yard. I am seriously thinking of snagging a set for myself.

I hope you have enjoyed these cute Christmas items…and make sure you run, don’t walk, to your local Walgreens and score some of them for yourself 🙂

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