Five Friday Favorites: the Christmas edition

Happy Friday, my friends. It’s been a bit since I shared five of my current favorite things with you. Christmas is honestly one of my favorite times of year. I love decorating for it and I love buying gifts for my loved ones. It’s no surprise I would have five favorite Christmas things I could share with you.

1. Battery operated candles

Oshine Battery Operated Flameless Candles with Remotes

I use these things year round. With cats and kids, I do not want to risk a fire. These flameless candles are pretty and the remote is really convenient. You can even make them flicker like a real candle.

2. Duraflame electric logs


We bought this recently as an early Christmas present to ourselves and we are loving it. It not only provides warmth, but it is very realistic and it makes our room seem so cozy.

3. Yankee Candle Balsam and Cedar


I am one of those unlucky people with some really nasty allergies. I love the look and smell of real trees, but I do not love what they do to my sinuses. This candle does a great job of diffusing that Christmas tree scent without affecting my allergies.

4. Charlie Brown Christmas DVD

I absolutely love this. I watch this, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and A Christmas Story every year and I always will.

5. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Peppermint Bundle


I’m a sucker for a clean house that smells good. These soaps and cleanser accomplish both of those. The peppermint, rosemary and Iowa pine scents are all perfect for Christmas. Get you some!

I hope you enjoyed my list of five Christmas favorites!

Have a great weekend!

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