24 Days of Christmas: Socially Distant Christmas Activities

This year has been challenging. In addition to figuring out how to work at home, school at home, and entertain two bored kids, we also had to reconfigure all of our holiday plans. Some things we could not change: a good portion of my family lives out of state and we were unable to visit them or gather with them. We have made the best of it via Zoom and FaceTime.

We faced yet another challenge as well- how to entertain ourselves and our kids, but safely. We typically have several Christmas traditions we enjoy, but many of them aren’t possible. We can’t ride the Country Christmas Train at Denton Farm Park and we can’t see Santa, but we can do plenty of other things.

Here is a list of safe and fun ways to celebrate Christmas from a safe distance.

1. Drive through Denton Farm Park and enjoy the Christmas ligjrs

Many of the things we love most about Denton Farm Park are currently closed due to Covid. We can’t ride the train, go into any of the buildings, or ride ponies. You can drive through the park and look at some beautiful lights. You can purchase refreshments and craft items.

And best of all, there is a live nativity at the end of the driving tour.

2. Visit Tanglewood, Festival of Lights

Some features of Tanglewood are currently closed, such as the gift shop and stables, but you can still drive through the park and enjoy the lights.

3. Make delicious treats at home

Make some hot chocolate, some Christmas candies, or decorate some Christmas cookies. Enjoy some sweets in the comfort of your own kitchen.

4. Read or watch Christmas movies

Do you have a favorite Christmas book? A treasured Christmas movie you watch over and over again? Take it out, dust it off and enjoy it. Have a movie marathon in your Christmas jammies.

5. Call or Zoom with your family and friends

These are difficult times and we can’t safely gather. That leads to loneliness and depression for many of us. Call your loved ones and check on one another often. Zoom is a poor substitute for an in-person visit, but it is a safer option, and you can at least see one another.

Stay safe this holiday season!! Please comment below with your favorite socially distant Christmas ideas.

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