24 Days of Christmas: Make an Advent Wreath

Edit: this post originally published on December 3, 2020, but due to technical difficulties, the content of the post did not appear. The problem has been fixed.

There are many beautiful and expensive advent wreaths you can buy, but you can make your own easily and simply, from things you already own. Today, I am sharing four lovely and easy advent wreaths you can make.


This simple and easy advent wreath uses a Bundt cake pan, taper candles and pine cones and greenery. You could make this without much time and effort and it’s so pretty.


You know how much I love mason jars. This wreath has mason jars and red berries- two of my favorites!


A pedestal, four candles of varying heights and greenery. Simple and beautiful!


What’s more Christmas-y than a red berry wreath and red candles to match?

I hope you have enjoyed this roundup! See you again soon!

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