Happy birthday, Emorie!!

Today, we have a birthday in our house. A certain little mermaid turned 7.

It certainly does not feel like it’s been seven years. Our sweet girl graced us with her presence one June afternoon, the day before Father’s Day and three weeks early.

She’s sweet, funny and has one of the biggest hearts around. She loves animals, little children and elderly people.

She loves to make other people smile. She draws pictures and writes notes for people at church.

She’s a great big sister and Aubrey loves her so much.

…even though they are typical siblings who fight. They are also dress up partners, gymnastics buddies and best friends.

Emorie is athletic, intelligent and she loves to read.

She loves sparkly necklaces and big hair bows. She loves nail polish, high heels and pretty dresses.

Happy birthday sweet Emorie. You fill our lives with laughter and love.

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