5 Fabulous Trunk ‘or’ Treat Ideas: A Pinterest Roundup

Most of us vividly remember going to door-to-door to trick-or-treat each Halloween, and then coming home to excitedly count our candy. In today’s world, some of us are less than thrilled about sending our kids to strangers’ doors for candy. In a lot of communities in America, trick-or-treating has become a thing of the past, and “trunk or treating” has taken its place.

What is trunk-or-treating?

“Trunk-or-treating” involves lining up several cars where people can easily walk by them. The cars’ owners then decorate the opened trunk of the car and distribute candy from the trunks. You can find these trunk-or-treats sponsored by churches, communities, and even towns as a safe alternative to trick-or-treating door-to-door. When towns do them, a lot of businesses will show up to participate (and enjoy some free advertising, of course 🙂 ) Today, I’d like to share a few simple and fun ideas for decorating your trunk.

1. Disney’s Frozen themed trunk

Who doesn’t love Olaf? This trunk is adorable and it didn’t cost a lot to make. You can read more about it by clicking here.

2. “Pick your own pumpkin patch” trunk

This is beautiful! And what kid won’t love getting to choose their own pumpkin? To make it easier on children trying to carry their pumpkins, you could have a variety of smaller pumpkins and gourds available. Check out this trunk here.

3. A Sweet church trunk or treat idea

How cute is this “sweet” idea? This is perfect for church trunk or treats and it wouldn’t be hard or expensive to create. Learn more here!

4. Oriental Trading Trunk or treat kits

I had no idea that Oriental Trading has trunk-or-treat kits, but they do and they’re adorable. The kits are easy to put together and contain everything you need…and doesn’t everyone love Peanuts?

5. Gumball machine trunk

A little cardboard, a little plastic, and a lot of balloons, and you have this super cute gumball trunk! And it won’t cost you a lot.

I hope you enjoy this list! I can’t wait to show you what trunk we create this year.

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