Organizing your house with Temu drawer organizers (and a link to buy them)

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I have recently discovered Temu, and I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of the items I have purchased there. The prices are low, so I wasn’t expecting much. I purchased several things, but today I want to talk about these clear “acrylic” drawer organizers.

I purchased 20 of them for $12 and I had enough to complete several organization projects. One of them arrived damaged, but Temu replaced it for me free of charge.

I used them in my kitchen to organize my silverware.

And also our spice drawer.

I used them in ours and the kids’ bathrooms to organize our toothbrush drawer.

I fully plan to purchase one or two more sets so I can use them in our desk, our fridge, and in our craft room.

You may purchase your own set by clicking on the QR code above or by clicking this link.

Happy organizing!

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  1. Temu has become my husband and I’s favorite place to shop! If you get wrapped up in playing their games and winning products that adds to the addiction! Plus, you can earn money as an affiliate too. Temu has created a wonderful system filled with amazing products. They do provide great service as you mentioned!

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