Pinterest Roundup: Homework Stations

Where do your children do their homework? When I was growing up, I had a small desk in my room. My children sometimes do their homework in the kitchen at our kitchen island, at the dining room table, or sprawled out on their beds. Lately, I find myself wishing we had a designated homework spot like some of these Instagram-worthy study spots.

1. Modern, cute and colorful

Source: Grace E Bea Home Organization

I love the colors, the drawer space and the fact that up to three people can use the space at once. If I had this much wall space, I’d do exactly this.

2. Vertical storage and cute colors


This homework station gives each child his or her own space, is well organized, and since it uses mostly vertical space, it takes up a lot less floor space.

3. Farmhouse/boho style


I absolutely love this space. The colors, the wood counter, the stools and the lighting all go together so well. This is a homework space I wouldn’t feel the need to hide from visitors. It makes great use of the blank wall.

4. Chalkboard wall

Source: Smithouse

This small homework station has plenty of drawer space with lighting sconces and a chalkboard wall. That chalkboard wall would get a lot of use in my home.

5. A small study space primer

Source: Bear and Bud Blog

Maybe you don’t want a study space in a common area of your house, but you want to set up a small one in your child’s bedroom. Bear and Bud Blog has a great diagram for helping you create an awesome study space.

We are actually in the process of creating a deal and workspace in our family room. It’s not ready quite yet, but I’ll show you soon.

What does your homework and study space look like?

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