World Photo Day: Tips for Taking Better Pictures

Photo copyright Angela D. Boone 2018

Today, August 19, is World Photography Day. I am blessed to be friends with several different local photographers and some of them have even passed along some tips to me.

1. Wait til Sunset to take portrait photos

If you don’t, your subjects will look a bit like this.

Squint much? Plus, they look washed out and the lighting is too much.

We learned our lesson. Isn’t this better?

Way better.

2. Photograph something of interest

Have you ever looked at a picture and wondered what you were supposed to look at? Having a point of reference to look at makes your photo way more interesting.

Some of my favorite shots are butterflies and bees on flowers.

3. Watch out for overly enthusiastic pets

Poor Bear! He just wanted to be in the picture. We sure do miss that big boy.

You might want to put up your pets before you take your photos. They’re very…uncooperative sometimes.

4. Don’t zoom in too tightly on a landscape.

Take your landscape pictures from a distance and utilize the long range. Don’t zoom in too tightly- utilize the “big picture.”

I love how you can see the pasture, the patio and the mountains all in the same shot.
Same thing with this picture. I could have zoomed in on the goose, but I chose to take the picture from a distance so you can see more of the lake, too.

5. Take a lot of pictures

If you take twenty pictures and only get one great one, that’s ok. The more you take, the more great pictures you’re likely to get.

What are some of your favorite photography tips?

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