Back to school: five fabulous shopping finds

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Many of us are back-to-school shopping, and some of us are shopping for our kids and our own classrooms. Today, I am sharing five fabulous back to school finds you can purchase on Amazon.

1. Sharpie 38 count school supply kit

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This kit has 38 pieces, including pencils, erasers, glue, highlighters and expo markers. Everything you need is here, except for paper/notebooks/binders. For $24, this is a pretty sweet deal. This would be awesome for your middle schooler or high schooler.

2. K-5 school supply kit

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This kit is perfect for your elementary child- this 32-piece kit is available for $30 and has everything they’ll need except a book bag and loose leaf paper.

3. Back to school bracelets for parents and kids

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Want to feel connected with your kids while they’re away at school? These bracelets can be a comfort to kids who are missing their parent and vice versa, and at only $11, you can buy more than one set.

4. Bento lunch box

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Bento lunch boxes are a great way to send your kid off to school with a healthy and balanced lunch. This one even contains a set of utensils. You can purchase your own for $12. My children and I are all using these boxes and we love them.

5. Large capacity pencil pouch

Get yours here!

My oldest daughter bought one of these last year and it was so durable and useful, she is using it again this year. You can fit quite a lot in these pencil pouches, and they’re only $12.

What’s on your school supplies list?

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  1. This is really the best time of year to get school supplies the sales are amazing. Also to note anyone who likes to donate kids art supplies at Christmas for toy drives, etc. this is the best time to buy them because you can get named brands like Crayola for the cheapest you will find them and put them away until you need them for your donations. You rarely see these prices closer to Christmas.

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